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How to get paid by owning a directory

Every business wants to be listed on a directory. This is the form of marketing that has existed for the longest time. Business directories boost search engine ranking, enable pinpointing business locations, they connect customers and business owners easily. Here is how to get paid by owning a directory.

The Yellow Pages used to print thousands of copies of directories and deliver to businesses countrywide. This has somehow proved to be an expensive wastage of printouts, as most people nowadays can access all the information they need via their mobile phones.

An online business directory – click HERE to check out an awesome demo – can list any type of business categories, e.g Restaurants, Schools, Churches etc. If you like, you can narrow down to a specific niche instead of doing all the business categories.

How you make money

You can choose to list the businesses for free, considering your online directory will be new. As it becomes popular, you can reserve some prestige locations on the directory for paying businesses. Google Adsense is the best way to get paid. When Google Ads appear on your directory, you will be paid per impression or click made by your website visitors. Grow your hustle!

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